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How to configure SSH without Passwords

4 minute read

This article presents a secure method for logging into remote servers using private/public key-based SSH connections. The public key serves as the keyhole on...

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How to make private fork of public repository

1 minute read

Github prohibits making a private repository from a forked repository. This article explains how to create a private repository that can incorporate updates ...

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Visually understanding DoF with thin lens model

7 minute read

The thin lens model provides a simple and intuitive explanation of how depth of field (DoF) is formed in a camera. This model can be used to simplify a more ...

Jan 2021

Dec 2020

Dotdrop workflow

1 minute read

This post describes how I use dotdrop for managing my dotfiles (.zshrc, .vimrc, .tmux.conf, etc.)

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How to configure Samba on Ubuntu

1 minute read

This article introduces how to install and configure Samba on Ubuntu16.04. Also, we introduce how to mount the shared folder on Ubuntu and Windows.

Jul 2017

User management in Ubuntu

2 minute read

This post describes a multi-user management method that I use in the lab. Since all the users require a root privilege, it is better to have only one group w...